Anyone know of any good hardware diagnostics software. Prefer it to able to test remotely as I work in a domain environment. Must be able to test at least the main components; CPU, memory, hard drives etc... What do you IT pros use?

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What's your budget? I'd expect most such products that work over the network will be commercial, that is, $$$ products.

I use Belarc Advisor for personal purposes. They make a network product, it's kinda pricey. http://www.belarc.com/belmanage.html

looks more like a management tool than a hardware diagnostic tool! ,been looking[from time to time ] for a good free one for years, for personal use,im not a it tech ,never found one yet


Caperjack, sounds like BelarcAdvisor is what you want. It details the hardware and software in a system. And it's FREE.

been using it for years , i want is a program that diagnoses all hardware problems,like motherboard and stuff ,but when i write that it makes me thing i have ram testing program and a bunch of hdd diagnostic tools ,and ,oh forget it i got what i need LOL,!

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