When i turn my computer on it will go all the way up to the windows XP logo with the little green loading bar but than 2 secs later it will flash blue really quick and then just restart over and over idk what to do the computer just keeps going on the same 3 screens then restarting please help!!!

Seems like its throwing up an error message and then turning off/restarting. Have you got the XP install CD.

no i dont have the cd. well at least i dont think i do. but i think i have a cd for another computer to downgrade from Vista to XP will that work??

Probably can't use that CD.

Have you tried pressing F8 as the computer boots up?

Have you installed anything or made any changes to your computer?

nope havent downloaded anything just noticed my computers been really slow lately and then when i turned it on today it wouldnt even start up tried F8 and then going to safe mode but it does the same thing

ok i just tried turning it on agian and its not even loading the screen its just beeping like 3 times in a row and then theres a pause for about a min and then it beeps agian.

You may have been affected by a virus or something. If you had the XP CD you may be able to use it to fix XP.

You may have to reinstall windows. Is this a new computer or an old one?

its an old one so if i just get the windows XP disc and put it in it should work??

That bleeping may mean theres a hardware fault. You can't install an OS if something is wrong, Have you tried turning it on again?

With the XP CD you should be able to repair windows without losing any files. You may have a restore partition as well, this usually displays as an option during boot-up, for example press F11 to boot to recovery partition

yeah i tried to turn it on agian it just keeps beeping i dont mind is the files and information are lost i just need the computer to run basic internet ts just a computer for internet anyways.

You are going to find out what hardware isn't working though. If you have a bootable CD/DVD on you put it in and see if it can boot from it.

ok so i just put the disc in and it should work? if i dont have the recovery disc myself can i just borrow one from someone will that work?? or will i have to buy a new one?? i just need the easiest cheapest way to fix the computer

try removing your memory stick...and clean it up before putting it back...

when its up try the suggestion of xlphos..boot from cd and do a repair installation so you can still have your data...

Do you know if the machine came with a restore CD?

You may be able to fix XP using another CD but try to get one with SP 2 on it. Make sure that there are no external devices like memory sticks.

But I would advise you try any bootable cd first like linux live CD or a windows installation CD to make sure that PC is working.

You need to be sure all devices are working before you install.