Hey guys, I wanna know how to create a bootable dvd that have installer of windows 2000, xp and vista so that when i want to reformat a computer i just have to select from the menu in boot are if what os i'm going to install.

I tried this tutorial from magiciso but i get the error:

No emulation type image (raw)
Couldn't find NTLDR
Please insert another disk...

Can you teach me another easy and simple steps.

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The vista bootloader cant boot windows 2000, so i dont think its possible.

That doesnt support vista.

also unless you use a dvd9 (dual layer dvd) i dont think it will fit.

I know how to used easyboot for windows 9x, xp, nt, me and the like but not vista.

Thier site says it doesnt support vista...

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