Here's the deal. I installed a game on my computer and restarted. Well the computer wouldn't restart and went into a blank black screen. Automatically i think theres a conflict. So i do the safe mode (F8) thing. I Chose the option: Last Known Good Configuration. Started and went up fine. After this i uninstalled the game and decide maybe it'll work this time and installed the game again (a foolish mistake). I started up again and i ran into the same problem. So i automatically did the same thing as before. This time it's not working. So i chose other options besides Last Known Good Configuration. None of the options on the safe mode work! Well i hope some of you people be able to work this problem out and figure out a solution, so i may continue using my main computer. Thank you

P.S.- its a windows XP

what game were you trying to install?

Super Power 2

i made sure my computer made the requirements so i cna play it.

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I don't use chat language so i don't know what CNA means .If its just a typo .please except my apologies .
also do you mean your computer made the requirement or meets the requirements !Thanks .")

Are you sure the motherboard chipset drivers are installed? If a 3D display card is in use, without the motherboard chipset drivers in place, 2D display will generally work OK but the system will 'crash' when a 3D function call is made.

load in your xp installer and choose "repair" so you will not lost your data..and make sure when you try to install something..check the hardware requirements and what os it is compatible with..check with the vendor of this software they might help you..