Hi all,i recently have got my xp pro back installed after the problems i had with it not booting,but now i cannot install my AOL setup disc to connect to the net.It keeps getting to 71% and stops,then its saying that i have exited setup, "click retry to setup" but again i can only get to 71% again before it stops again? Any ideas to a way round this,as its doing my ed in,and the mrs needs to get on the net? All help much appreciated. :mad:

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make sure you aol setup disk is Clean,wipe it off with soft cloth and retry

I have replaced it with another,but still getting the same,and still at 71% of setup?? any ideas please?

nope sorry ,maybe try a different cdrom

Now sorted,had to copy and paste the file from my computer off the cd-rom,and it installed on aol 7.0,but would not install off aol 9.0.The mrs is now happy,and thanks for all the help!

Then started my own pc up and that crashed too,it was a trojan virus that is called bankstealer,even tho i was running avg free antivirus,but it was suggested it may have come from the ad-aware program that i downloaded from a mods signature,but how can that be? as its only that i have downloaded,and avg updates??

AdAware should be downloaded from the Lavasoft website. If you got it from elsewhere please contact the moderator you refer to and get them to check the link.

No hitchhikers should accompany AdAware.

Well it could either be ad-aware ,but as you say it was downloaded from lavasoftusa.com,or my avg antivirus.Thinking about it perhaps it was that when i updated,as the program became faulty when i got the pc going again,so i re-installed it.

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