I shut down my pc like normal last night and then this morning when i turn it on, it goes to the normal blue hp screen and then it just goes to a black screen and does nothing, it doesnt go to my desktop like it should.

im not sure whats wrong with my pc, can anyone help me out? im willing to reformat but i wanna back up my data first, but i cant get into my desktop, so im not sure what to do.

did you try F8 for safe mode and try either last know good configuration, first ,if nothing then safe mode ,see what happens !did you do windows updates or any software /hardware updates last night that may have caused this

i cant get to the screen where it asks me if id like to get into safe mode....and no i havent downloaded any updates or anything like that, last night.

1. Get into safemode even if u dont downloaded any updates or installed softwares.
Do system Restore(start->Allprograms->Accesories->system tools->system restore) and reboot.
if it fails means again boot in safemode
2. Backup the data to another disk.
3. Run Disk defragmentation, Error checking, junk file cleaning using built-in windows utilities.
4 Now reboot it fails means use "Syscheck" to check whether the critical windows file is good or corrupted using xp cd and syscheck software.

when i power up my pc i hit F8 and i get the options, when i click go into safe mode, it gives me that list of command prompts, but its only a few of them, not the entire list and it just stays at that screen.

so i cant get to my desktop even in safemode.

Use XP cd to "Repair" the installation.