What Files are the cookies and Internet history in?
I am making a program that cleans your computer and i want to know what files they are in.
I know it has it has to be in 'C:\Documents and Settings\Username\.....' in XP
and 'C:\Users\Username.....' in Vista.
Im really just worried about XP but vista would be good to!
Thanks in advanced for your help!!

"I am making a program that cleans your computer". I know computer types love to reinvent the wheel, spend hours of their lives doing it and then get a sense of achievment that may well be valid. but look... there is already a wonderful, free example of this wheel out there... it's simple, quick, neat.. and very configurable. I would not be without it. I take my hat off to the writer. If you have other temp files not already included in the initial configuration you can simply add them for cleaning. Your cookie files are already there. It is wise to reinstall this cleaner periodically, because it will automatically add the temp folders of new softwares such as, say, a browser you have added.
==Get CCleaner from http://www.ccleaner.com/ - and install it in a new folder. You should keep this one for general use. I set the installation checkboxes only to open from the recycle bin. It's neater that way.
Now run CCleaner from the recycle bin rclick menu using its default settings [if you set up CCleaner as i suggested, rclicking the bin icon should give you the Open CCleaner option...].
If you have FireFox open the Applications tab and ensure at least that Cookies and Cache are checked.
Select the Cleaner icon, press Run Cleaner.
Run CCleaner in any other Accounts.
[For future quick temp file cleaning select the options you wish to use via the Windows and Applications tabs ..]
[Note that CCleaner is also a free registry cleaner].