Yesterday when my virsus scan updated and windows updated, I rebooted and when I got back on my quick launch toolbar had disappeared. I did a search for Quick Launch and found the folder- so it was there- sent it to the desktop and dragged it down. When I right clik on the toolbar and try to check mark Quick launch I get a message that says 'cannot create toolbar'. When I dragged the folder down there it shows up but as another 'quick launch toolbar' when I right clik on the toolbar/toolbars--there are now 2. the old one gets the error message and the new one works. It looks different and actually says "quick launch' but it does work. What happened anyway? NO virus. :o

What OS are you running?

It sounds like something corrupted it. If you're running ME, you might be able to do a System Restore. If it's 98, you could try running sfc /scannow from Start -> Run.

just right click and say add toolbars or if it is an explorer.exe problem just go to task manager and restart it.