I get a messege from time to time that the GOJKQCGZ.DLL. has a problem and will close. What the hell is that and what can I do about it?!?

It's spyware - probably a browser hijacker

Do this and we'll tell you how to get rid of it :-

Please Download hijackthis from


Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

After the scan has finished the "scan" button will turn into a "save log" button

save the log file and paste it here

Do not delete anything yet, as most things hijackthis finds are harmless and needed.


Thanks Steam,

I did what you said, however when I downloaded hijackthis it came up as picture viewer. not sure what to do with this.


its a zip download ,did you unzip it first

Hi ljoseph

Your post has me a little confused........as caperjack says....it should be a zip file

Can you unzip zip (compressed) files ?

Do you have an unzipping program, like winzip or winrar ?

Sounds like the .zip extension on your computer is set to open in picture viewer - which is of course wrong.

Answer the above questions and we'll sort it out.