Im currently running WinXP Home on my laptop. I wanna make a boot/restore cd for those "just in case" moments. my laptop is running almost perfectly and has the programs i use. Is there a way i can create a restore cd so that if something should go wrong.....i can just format the HD and then simply install the CD containing (in some form) the OS and my programs that way I saved them at that moment in history???

I really can not recommend nortons ghost 9.0. I really love this program and it just works great. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Compress the ghost image and save it to disk. Or what I recomend is buying a external harddrive. They are pretty cheap. Use nortons to back up your harddrive to the external. As time goes on and you want to update your back up you can simply delete the image file from your external harddrive and make another one. I have used nortons with my dual drive system running xp and windows 2000 and it has saved my behind more than once.........

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