im a non technical guy. in the past ive been ripped off by so called computor experts. i have decided to instal a new version of windows xp pro on my computor. start from clean. ive never done anything like this before but can usually arrive at my intended destination so to speak. my first question is how do i wipe the data i have presently on the computor off. and secondly how do i get a boot disc and as a follow up to that how do i find out which drive (floppy or cd) to make it for. silly questions to some im sure but i have to ask this anyway. thanks in advance for your replies raymondj.

The linked articles in that are a little out of date now, because they were written when windows XP was at Service Pack 1. Substitute Service Pack 2 for those references.

Also, the Introductions section is NOT for technical questions. Please read the 'stickied' topics in that section to get more information about participating in a forum such as Daniweb. I'll move this thread to the appropriate section in case there are further questions or discussion.