Hello....I need help about computer
I got HP Pavilion a 66665d with Windows Vista Sevice Pack 1.But I more prefer using Windows XP Profesional due to easy & make us to its.Now I heard about Windows 7 which being inform by all my freinds is better than either one of Widows XP or Vista.

Please inform & describe to me about the advantage & dis-advantage of Windows Vista,XP & also Windows 7 in order to pick a suitable changes to my computer.To me what is important my cmputer can manage to run smoothly & faster & also have quite big of storage. I don't got much knowledge in computer & programing,due to my knoledge are more to Onshore Engineering Oil & Gas please inform,explain & teach me in sequence start by step 1, step 2 to fisnishing of its steps.

Please explain & teach me how & what I got to do in order change my computer either 1.Windows Vista To Windows XP 2.Windows Vista To Windows 7 3.Windows XP To Windows 7.

Thanks for helping me.

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I would guesstimate that to comply with your request would take me at least 3 hours and you would probably not even bother to read it anyway.
I will direct you to a site that can answer all your questions, but instead of me doing all the work, you will be the one to discover what you seek.
Go to this site and you will have all the information you could ever hope for. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+avoid+lmgtfy

Good luck

P.S. This is step 1.

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