Just recently 2 problems have been happening.

The 1st problem started happening when I came home from my moms house on the weekend. I turned my computer on and at the windows xp logo screen it keeps going and stops at the same point every time then starts loading again for as long as you let it go. I have always left my computer on except for every other weekend when i go to my moms, dont know if that would cause any problems.

I have found ways around this, if i keep restarting enough to get the scan disk to come up then by skipping that it starts my computer normally. If i let it scan it finds no problems and restarts and gets stuck at the logo again.

My 2nd problem is every 5-10 minutes my database stops and starts again. This i think is what causing my internet to go down at those times. I unplugged the network and looked at the event viewer and the database never started/stopped again till i plugged it back in. It is listed as eventid:101.This goes back to when my 1st problem started happening.

I looked on the link and microsoft had no other knowledge on the problem. Ofcourse to look the link up i had to get on my brothers computer.

Heres some things i have done
virus scan- had a trojan but gone now
spyware checks- all gone now
ran a recovery disk

Thanks in advance-also if you think you can help me you can reach me on aim at cooper3108.

Try system restore to before the weekend, and last known good configuration, a boot up option, which can be found by pressing F8 (certainly its F8 on dell PCs) during POST (thats the stuff that happens before you see XP logo).