My computer has just started crashing on start up. Yesterday it worked on the 2nd attempt, today the 3rd. It hasn't done this before and i've had my computer for 2 and a half years now. Any tips?

I thought if I repaired Windows then it would work, but I put my Windows XP disk in and started up using it. But when it gets to the blue screen saying Windows Installer at the top nothing else comes up, is that because of my computer? If not what?

If I reformat my computer would the disk work? I don't want to reformat and get left with having to buy a new XP disk or something. And also if I were able to install Windows, last time I reformatted it wouldn't let me install the wireless network connection. Although last time it was a different connection, and I need that connection for the Internet so I can activate windows. Last time I had to install the modem in my computer, this time I can't as it's actually in the wireless thing as my sister has got a computer now and we have 3 connected. So what should I do if I'm not able to install the wireless stuff?

Thanks for your help it will be greatly appreciated.

You'll have to give us more specific information about the crashes in order for us to help you most quickly. Judging from what little info you've given, the root of your problem could be almost anywhere in hardware and/or software.

- Do you get any error messages? If so, post the full and exact text of those messages.

- Does the computer crash at a definitive point (such as X minutes after starting up, or only when you are performing certain tasks) or are the crashes totally random?

- Had you installed/uninstalled/upgraded any software around the time the crashes started to occur?

- Does the computer crash when you boot Windows into Safe Mode? You get to the Safe Mode boot option by hitting the F8 key as your computer is starting up.

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