well now im having problems with windows media player i cant uninstall it anymore cuz its not in the add/remove section...its cuz i wanted to completely take out windows media player and reinstall it cuz it wouldnt work...also i deleted its registry keys in the windows media player folder...now when i try to reinstall it says this error message: "This version of Windows Media Technologies is incompatible with this version of Windows. For more information, view the information at the Microsoft web site." i wonder why it is not compatible with it cuz i downloaded the right one, xp version, and when i view the website it just says to download a fresh one and reinstall but i cant reinstall cuz it keeps on saying that error...when i try to click on the windows media player icon that is still in my comp it says:"one of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found"...hope you guys figure out a way of my problem...thanks in advance

will this erase all of my stuff and settings if i do this?

when i try to install it, it says an error : "Setup cannot continue because the version of Windows on your computer is newer than the version on the CD.

Warning: If you decide to delete the newer version of Windows that is currently installed on your computer, the files and settings cannot be recovered."

A refresh install will leave programs and data files in place. Ensure that you precisely follow the instructions in the linked Knowledge base article. You WILL need to reinstall some Windows updates afterwards, unfortunately.

wow thanks for the help but now i have to reinstall all of the updates :cry: well i appreciate it that you helped me :)

whats the diff. with the full developer service pack then the regular one?

It's simply a full installation of SP2. If you 'download' the Service Pack via Windows Update, only the portions of it not yet installed are downloaded. Previously installed security updates are omitted.

The full Service Pack is about 270Mb in size, the download via Windows Update can be much smaller at times.


It sounds very much like the fellow has already done a refresh install and corrected the problem, although he hasn't specifically said so.

In any case that is a Beta version of WMP you've linked, not a final release. The final release of WMP 10 is available from Microsoft.

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