I hope someone can help! We are travelling around Europe, and have actually managed to stay at a place with free internet! Only problem is, we cant seem to access hotmail. We can log in, the main page shows, but it is not possible to open any of the messages, or create a new message.

Down the bottom of the page, it says "done but with errors on page". If we then click on the words, it comes up with a small window, explaining the error, which line and which character. It says the error is "expected }" or "expected /".

Any ideas as to what we can do about this? What does it mean exactly? We are using Windows 98, Internet Explorer.

Any help muchly appreciated!!!!!

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I seem to be having a problem as well logging into Msn Hotmail. My error though is a bit different, while in Mozilla Firefox it loads to 50% and then stops and the error shown is that the operation is timed out. The only thing I have drawn from these circumstances is that the service is temporarily down, but it may be similar to your problem. Hmm, I don't know it may be a bit of an extrapulation but did you possibly try to login into yahoo/hotmail.com or did you try something such as yahoo/hotmail.co. the country and such. Hmm, it may work it may not.....

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