Hey, I have just installed Windows 7 Home Basic (32-bit) on my HP Compaq nx9110. The sound driver, which is a Realtek AC 97 driver shows in my device manager as up to date, but still there is no sound output on my laptop. This happened after I re-installed Windows. The sound did work when I installed Windows 7 for the first time but now it is not working.

This is the same for my graphics, as I cannot adjust screen resolution on my computer but I managed to download the correct ATI graphics drivers and they show up in my device manager as up to date.

I now do not know what to do.

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I would try to go to Control Panel and then Sound. Check if your Realtek AC 97 is the default device there.

Ok so Im going to assume you checked to see if you have it on mute. Try checking to see if your sound card is functioning properly; goto my computer click on system info, then hardware, then device manager, scroll down to your sound card, click on it. In the box it will either say functioning properly or not. If it all checks out then its got to be a software issue. Install anything new? Did you by chance end a process called svchost? If so, reboot. If all else fails try system restore.

Mine is doing the same thing!!! I wish it would stop, I want to listen to youtube.

I have a HP laptop and I noticed the same thing. Try using headphones, if they work then the headphone socket is loose which prevents the speakers from working. This can usually be solved by giving the socket a little push inwards either with a finger or a headphone jack.

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