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I recently downloaded a trial version of Office Printer 2.0 to see if it was what I was looking for. I tested a little but wasnt sure. Well it was only a trial for so many days then it would disable the printing option. I deleted to program and redownloaded it and figured I would test it again but after I redownloaded it again..It still had the printing option disabled so I couldnt print with it. The same way the other did after the trial time expired. How do I fix this on my computer to use a trial program again. Im not sure if the old one leaves anything on my computer that keeps a redownloaded trial from working again. I figured that deleting the first one would clear everything out but I guess I was wrong. If you can tell me how to get around this I would be greatful or at least how to clear everything out so I can do a Trial again.

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The honest thing to do would be to purchase the software. You are trying to illegally bypass the license agreement, and while I am not going to get into a lecture here, I will lock the post as strong encouragement that you follow the software license agreement.


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