Friend's Dell Dimension 4600 (piece of over-priced junk) what to sh*t and so now I'm trying to fix it. The recovery discs that Dell provides only work within Windows. (defeats the purpose if you ask me) On bootup, it gives me an error about accessing the System folder, on safe mode as well. I'm trying to back up her files before I kick the thing clean. I hooked up the hdd and couldn't access her name. (her documents and settings junk). I'm currently attempting to take ownership of the folder, but I keep getting this error on a lot of files. Also, accessing the drive is very slow. So far, I've recovered 2 of her files, but the rest are being a pain. I'm sure the files are just fine and this is merely a stupid MS software issue. Any suggestions on how I can recover the other files?

Click for picture of error:

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Unless by an extremely dogdy method you wont be able to access any folder that by default restricts null sesions. for example profiles can only be access via system admin or the profile holder.

What about repairing the current version long enough to get access to those folders. Have you tried Windows Repair, Recovery or Last known good config?

I cannot get into XP at all, not even safe mode. It says the file is either missing or corrupt: c:\Windows\System32\something\System

Doesn't give me a specific file, just a folder.

If you used the original XP disk and boot from that. It should give you the opportunity to repair the drive.

That would replace the system32 folder, and should sort any problems with missing files.

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