(Sorry if this isn't in the right forum. This one seemed appropriate.)

I'm having some bad mouse lag while playing two games. Swat 4, and GTA: San Andreas. At first I had no idea what was the problem. But then in Swat 4, I turned Bump Map Detail off. And I had no Mouse Lag at all. And in GTA:SA, I turned off AA. I had it on 3x. And it ran with no Mouse Lag nither. But I don't understand. I have a really powerful machine and I still can't play games on MAX settings?

My Specs:
P4 3.0
2gig PC3200 Ram
Verto 6800 Ultra 256mb

Your help is always appreciated, Thanks!

do those games have mouse sensitivity settings? i have never played them for the pc but in most games you can set the mouse sensitivity or smoothness. But those games should be nothing for a computer with those specs, you could run hl2 with full settings on that(mb with minimal lag), it could just be that these games are not well built, I know that previous swat games are not very good and are built on poor game engines. I am not sure how well the pc version of san andreas is put together but if a ps2 can run it then so can your comp. It is hard to tell since i am not a fan of either of these games they are both pretty terrible.