The Virtual XP uses the printer assigned to Windows 7 Professional by using Microsoft Terminal Services so you see a TS... pointing the the printer in Windows 7.
It works fine in the Virtual XP system.
When you open a DOS application to print you must first do a Net Use lpt1: \\Virtual XP computer name\Shared name you assigned to the printer you want to use /persisent:yes
This works well when you are running in a regular XP machine, but will not work from the Virtual XP machine running under Windows 7 Professional.
I believe it has to do with the fact that the Virtual XP machine is connecting to the Windows 7 printer via a Net Use command for the TSclient prn12 pointing to the Windows 7 HP network printer.
Has anyone encountered this situation and if so is there a way to correct it.
The error message I get in the DOS application says the printer is offline or not connected.

Don't know why you would respond with the appear to be sales ads, but my post is a real computer problem that I am looking for some help with.