I have recently started having problems were I suddenly am presented with a blue screen your computer has encountered an error and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage ... It usually says something to the effect of uninstall new software or hardware, I have not installed any new hardware or software lately. It also sometimes says disable disk caching or shadowing?? At times it is worse than others, sometimes I cant even start-up without getting the screen, other times I can use the pc for hours with no issues. XP Pro is right up to date with all updates. Virus checking always up to date. I have run a registry check, spyware checks etc. etc. everything seems to be clean, even did a defrag. Im frustrated.

What are the error codes you get usually ?? Error codes are of the format 0x000000aa where aa is any number.

Blue screen errors are usually generated by hardware conflicts or malfunctioning ... So get the error n you'll know what hardware is creating problems for you.

Thank you. I just encountered two seperate messages back-to-back. In the first instance Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area. Check to make sure new hardware or software is properly installed... Disable disk caching/ shadowing... Technical info: ***Stop:0x00000050, (0xee879000,0x00000000,0x8050622e,0x00000000). Begining dump of physical memory. Contact sys admin or tech support group.

In the second instance instead of check hardware software, it stated check for adequate disk space, or if driver identified (one was not that I am aware of) disable it, try changing video adapters... Technical info: ***Stop:0x0000008e (0xc000001d, 0x804e16ad, 0xee9e8af8, 0x00000000)

Any help greatly appreciated. This Dell laptop is just over 1 year-old. never purchased extended support or warranty and now I start encountering all these problems. If I can manage to get booted up, it usually only lasts a short time. Thankfully I have an old p2 which has been serving me well for many years as a back-up.

Bump. Anyone?

What peripherals, if any have been attached? Have you tried a system restore back to a date before this started happening? It might very well be a corrupted driver update that took place.

Also, check out this link, which details most common blue screen errors:

hey i just had the same problem two weeks ago.

only difference is, my laptop could not start ever since.

any ideas???

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