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I just bought a laptop and wanted to transfer all my files from my old desktop (windows 95 version). The laptop does not have a floppy and to be honest I don't want to use them anymore. Is there any other way to do this?

Thank you.


Tell us about your computers. What kind of equipment? What do you want to save? Files? Programs? What size are they individually? What size are they in total?

Obviously doesn't have a cd-burner right? I have to ask.
Does it have a NIC? (network interface card)


Ethernet cables?

Basic Ideas: (any one of these can be explained in more detail once you decide which option you want to go with)

Transfer Files VIA:
Network...Connect both computers to a home network. Share the desktop files with the network. Access and save all the files with your laptop.

Equipment needed:
1 Router
2 Ethernet Cables
2 NICs*

Direct Connection....Connect both computers together. Transfer the computers directly to the laptop from the desktop.

Equipment needed:
1 Crossover cable
2 NICs*

Server....Upload your files to a server from your desktop. Access the server from your desktop and download all the files.

Equipment needed:
Internet connection
1 Ethernet cable
2 NICs*
Server access: Most ISPs provide features when you subscribe to their broadband service. One included is web space, i.e. a server. However, if the files are not individually larger than 10 MB, you can upload them via email to a free email account that supports high capacity. Gmail 2.5 GB for example.


Tell us about your computers and what you would like to save with as much detail as you can. Then we can decide your best option.


*(one per computer)