I have a strange problem connecting to the internet sometimes. I have a cable modem and it is always on, it works fine. I recently got a LinkSys wireless router to go with my new laptop. If my main computer has been on for a long time (and inactive) my browsers (Explorer and Firefox) will not connect to the internet via a LETTERED (ie www.yahoo.com) website. They will still go to a website if I use the NUMBERED address (ie 192.333.876). The connection is active and my laptop connects fine thru the wireless. If I reboot my computer everything is fine again. I think something must be kicking in at a certain point and causing this but I have no idea what it is. It doesn't seem to be the screensaver or MSN messenger. Any ideas? Thanks.

If you are able to connect with IP address (numbered address) but not with site name (LETTERED address), it means problem with the DNS.
I am not sure why it should happen if computer stays idle for sometime.
why dont you check the router settings.. or try calling up your ISP (internet service provider) .