So, I am thinking of buying and can't find any video or written reviews by cNET or any other companies. It looks like a very good computer, but I am looking for some opinions of this computer, or ASUS in general. Are they reliable, is the customer service good, and those common questions asked about a brand.

It also runs a 64-bit Windows 7. Is that good? :P

Look forward to hearing opinions! :icon_cool:

I agree with Rick that the Lenovo is a better quality, but the difference from 12" to 17" is quite big, and the specs on that ASUS looks like it (almost) is a portable workstation.

I guess my recommendation depends on what you intent to use it for, and if you are going to travel a lot with it (small is better for travel).

My experience with ASUS in general (not particular the laptops), is that they make fairly good quality for the money, and I don't expect you will get much trouble if you have to file a RMA ticket, given the brand value. But I haven't tried it my self though. :)

64 Bit windows is a must if you are going to use/need more than 3-4 GByte of RAM, but that again depends on what you do with the pc.

Thanks guys. The thing that really intruiged me about the Asus, though, was the 500GB HD and the intel core i7.

About the Lenovo. How is it better than Asus apart from the fact that they make better computers?

And also, the type of computer I am looking for is really what I would call a replacement for a desktop. I do intend to game a bit on it.

Another bit of advice I need. I was recommended

What do you guys think of it? Are Alienware any good? I'm not a fan of Dell, to be honest...

I will recommend the ASUS over that Alienware, because it will give you slightly more hardware for the money, as I see it.
CPU, HDD, ports, cardreader, etc. = Equal
RAM 8 GB vs. 6 GB = ASUS +2 GB
Screen 17" vs. 15.6" = slightly better for gaming IMO
Graphics = about equal (but ASUS give you 1.5GB dedicated GDDR5 Ram)

But my knowledge about Alienware is limited to what I can find on google, so don't rely entirely on my estimate. Try to find a shop where you can see them both, next to each other, and get a feel for the differences that might be.

None of the stores in Australia are selling that particular model in Asus and Alienware. I can't find video reviews for the Asus or Alienware, which is a bummer because that would be an alternative to comparing them with my own eyes at a retail store.

I bought an Asus laptop a year ago (and I am writing this on it). I did some research before I bought it and when I looked at the record of reliability and Customer Service for all the major brands and then I looked at bang for the buck, Asus (and this machine in particular) looked pretty good. Most machines work for at least one year so I can't say too much yet other than so far so good. I haven't had a need to go to Asus support but from what I read prior to buying it, their customer support tries to be helpful even if they didn't always get it right. This was the better option compared to others who didn't always get it right and weren't very helpful.

As with most things, some people get religious about certain brands so you may get recommendations from people based on their experience with a particular brand. An example is Toshiba which apparently makes a good product and many people are very happy with them. I considered getting one before I went for Asus. When I looked online for info on people's experience with Toshiba Customer Service, there were some horror stories about poor service from Toshiba that made me change my mind.

IMO Asus is becoming a good alternative for Dell and other top computer brands.