I have never been so frustrated in my life.Okay,all my problems started about 3 weeks ago.I went to click a link on the internet that should have opened a new window,but instead,my entire computer froze up.I'm still new to computers,so I've been to several different tech help websites looking for help.So far nobody knows how to fix it.Most seem to think that it's either spyware or a virus.I downloaded Spybot S&D.That did not help.About a month ago,I downloaded AVG.I thought that maybe that was the cause,so I deleted it the other day.That didn't help.Someone told me to do system restore.I did & all it said was that no new programs had been installed.So yesterday,someone else said to reinstall AVG.I did.This time after I did the first scan,my links started working until I opened a java window.It was fine until I closed the java window.So I went to the AVG site to see if anyone there knew the problem.This man asked me if I updated AVG after installing it.I didn't,so I went to update it. But when I tried,it said that it was unsuccessful because the program may have been damaged & to reinstall it. That guy asked me if I turned off the system restore because that may be why it was damaged.I went & turned it off.Well,today I uninstalled AVG, then reinstalled it again.Again I tried to get it updated,& again it said the same thing.So after the scan,I tried to click links & it worked! But this time it only worked for about 5 minutes.

So if anyone knows what I can do to get back to clicking links,please help me.I've been searching for an answer now for 8 days.Oh,& AVG did find 4 trojans yesterday & 4 today.They could not be cleaned.

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Try defragging and disc clean up...If you have a lot of fragmented files, this can cause windows to freeze, programs to crash etc...

I don't know much about computers.Someone did say that I should try that,so I will.I don't know how,but I'll figure it out.Could it mess up anything when I do it? Thanks.

What windows operating system are you using? The best way to defrag a hard drive is to turn off your screensaver, if you have one set to run, then reboot your computer in safe mode, by continuously tapping the F8 key at the bootup screen, and then selecting safe mode (#3) on the menu. Then go to Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmentor. Be sure you have the settings to correct any problems that it may find. If you have to scan your hard drive for problems, then open My Computer/right-click the C: drive/select properties/click the tools tab/and under error checking, click the 'check now' button. Checking your hard drive for errors will take awhile to accomplish, so just let it run.

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