I installed windows 7 home premium 64bit (OEM) onto a new 2tb drive, but I didn't create a new partition during install.

I searched on google but to no avail.

How do I partition the drive so that I have one primary partition for the OS that is about 100 GB and the rest of the drive is an extended partition which I will partition into logical drives of various sizes to store data.

Windows disk management doesn't allow me to do the above. It seems to only shrink the drive into primary partitions.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What you do is shrink the partition to the size you want it to be then create new partitions in the unused space that will then show up in disk management!

There is no such option but you can take the important data on other disk and reinstall the OS and then make partition have tried it myself it has worked.

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There is no such option

Really? So, how come I can shrink the partition on my laptop then?

Do I have a special one off version of windows 7? No I don't!!!

It may depend on the partion manager that you are using!
Without in any way undermining anything that has been said above I tend not to use Microsoft partion manager as I find there are better ones either free or commercial that allow easy partioning, changing primary sizes etc.

PS I have no commercial interest at all!

The versions of Windows 7, have diferences and some have more capabilities than others.

Check what you can do with your HD, in control panel, administrative tools, computer management and there, have a funtion named "disk management".

There you can make a new partition, if some part of your hard disk is not used, in the info panel is displayed the amount of your HD used or not, and have the option to create a new partition of the size you want.

Do a google search for "gparted live cd". The first one that came up on my PC was


It states, "GParted Live is a small bootable GNU/Linux distribution for x86 based computers. It enables you to use all the features of the latest versions of the GParted application."

There are instructions for creating a bootable CD or bootable USB stick. You can use the partition editor to shrink the OS down to the size you want. After that you can either create a new partition from the unused space with gparted or you can boot into Windows and do it from there. Probably best to do it through Windows. Grab a book. It may take a while.

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