i tried this one but has no good quality

I got a pretty good quality for when i used it. Since then i have had a fried mobo n had everything newly installed so havent got it at the moment but i m definitely going for it.

Depending on the compression rate as well mate. If you compress the dvd file too much the quality will be real bad bad but if you keep the main movie with not too much compression and get rid of a few extra stuff from the original dvd it works pretty good. I dont go for all the extras from original dvd, i keep only wats good and rest of rubbish i always leave out.


Got a good adress for downloading some old and new versions of some soft ware in one site like file sharing, editing, virus etc...


<snipped> is definitely worth looking at cos i have used that website and it does give a lot of softwares and offers old and current versions of it.


Another (old goat) "gotta have" is CygWin. Using it, you can add some Linux command
line interaction to your windows.

Things like grep (global regular expression parser; findstr on steriods),
sed (streaming editor) and of course good old awk
(Aho, Weinberger, Kernigan, the authors)
It's a scripting tool with a C like syntax .

Nice thing is, you can add more utilities as you go. For us old command line goats,
it really comes in handy. Even nicer, it is free!

There's also ANT, a build tool based on XML config files which can do way more than
just build programs. and of course the (gnu) C and C++ compilers!

Browse the CygWin site and enjoy.

many times when u try to copy a number of files from cd to your harddisk, if there is any single corrupt file then the whole copying process halts.
this unstop copier by "roadkil" is an exellent s/w to copy files. it will skip the corrupt files and move to next one, it can also create a log file...


oh wow that worked really well foe me on a game of mine (needed to copy to hard disk and NO im not a pirate ,the copy protect just hated my dvd drive but was fine once installed)

crap. apparently unstopcopier is malware :(

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bennet do not use such softwares because they force Windows shell and apparently damage SMbus.

i use powerISO alot its really usefull

Just thought I would add to the list....

Disk defrag - Ashampoo Magic Defrag 2. Having a lot of computers and hardrives, I am always forgetting to set a defrag going before I go to bed. If I set it up as a task, chances are, even in the middle of the night, it will interrupt my work. So I find this app very useful. It defrags your drives while your computer is idle, and stops when you use the computer. It can be paused, or stopped if you are editing video, producing music etc.

Firewall - zonealarm. A very useful, unobtrusive firewall.

Browsing - Firefox.... of course!

FTP - WS FTP pro. I have been using this for years now for FTP, and secure FTP.

SSH - SecureCRT. Been using this for years to access my remote servers.

System Mechanic Pro 7 - I use this, but I do get problems with it sometimes, though it is very handy for a lot of stuff.

My favourite app of all, is obviously my USB missile launcher! When all else fails......

It defrags your drives while your computer is idle, and stops when you use the computer.

Windows does that anyway

my USB missile launcher!


Windows does that anyway


No PCworld I think lol

Windows defrags in the background? That's never worked for me. In any case, you have to tell windows defragger to run in the first place. What I like about Magic Defrag is that it's always there and I don't have to worry about it. Best of all my drives never become fragged in the first place, because magic defrag pounces on any itty, bitty bit of fragging as soon as it fragging well frags! I do a lot of video and music production, and fragging is a major no no. Having stuff running in the background is also a major no no, so I can just stop magic defrag, and if I forget to start it again, and don't reboot, it will start it's self when I close my video/music software.

it defrags in the background. Leve a windows PC for an hour or so and it will start chattering away.

I use the auslogics defrag myself tho. Its a lot more agressive than the MS one

X-Setup Pro - http://www.x-setup.net/product/home.asp?lang=EN excellent GUI interface for the novice as well as the experienced user. The mother of all tweakers I rely on it consistently. I know it's not free ware but it is a tool worth owning in my opinion.

LViewPro 1D2 - I purchased this viewer way back when Windows 3.1 came out. The best part about this piece of software is it keeps on ticking. Whoever wrote and designed it had a lot of foresight. It's been a staple in all of my releases of windows. Yes the original works on Windows 3.1, Windows 98, Win2K, Windows XP and Windows Vista. One heck of an investment. Of course this version is no longer available for sale but if you can find it I would suggest that you scarf it up. The viewer does have some rudimentary editing capability but for those that are really into photo editing there are other products that much more capable and richer in features. As a simple viewer and screen capture utility this one ranks up there.

Here are two file managers I like, ExplorerPlus and Directory Opus. Explorer Plus is easier to use and has a better file viewer (in my opinion). Directory Opus has many more features, like searching for a file modified after a certain date, plus a steeper learning curve. Both are far superior to Windows Explorer and are worth the purchase price.

ExplorerPlus http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,23089-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html

Directory Opus from the site: http://www.gpsoft.com.au/DScripts/Download.asp

Directory Opus Forum: http://resource.dopus.com/index.php

yeah directory opus is good

i got it free in a PC magazine disk ages ago

I'll add a couple more links that people might find worth while
What's Running - http://www.whatsrunning.net/whatsrunning/main.aspx free software that will give a detailed list of running applications on your PC and more. Win2K/XP/2003

Given the numerous requests from people that lose their passwords and are locked out of their systems there is a solution. I'm not sure how the moderators of DaniWeb will take this one and I would understand completely if this solution is removed from the board.

A simple google on "source forge ophcrack project" will give you all the information you need to know. I personally have used this solution successfully on Win2K and XP systems. I provide this solution based on the fact that in some cases it is absolutely necessary for people to get into their systems and recover their data especially when alternative solutions are not available. This solution is only for lost or forgotten user passwords.

And, with all the geeks and gurus here, nobody mentioned


Same stuff as the old X-Tree but for Windows and much more powerful. I would trade this for Windows Explorer anyday, anytime.

I'm still running trials on various IS programs...so far, I like Comodo's firewall. VERY strict, but very customizable. Their AV solution needs work (tho it is only beta) and their AS is...odd. I have no idea if it's successful, but it seems to be doing its job. It monitors, but cannot do a "system scan" like others. Very odd, but hasn't caused any problems so I kept it.

Firewall: Comodo Firewall Pro
Antivirus: Comodo (Beta)
Antispyware: BOClean (Comodo)/Windows Defender (active), Ad-Aware 07/Spybot S&D 1.5 (manual)
Browser: Firefox (going to check out Opera...haven't had a chance yet)
Messenger: Pidgin (GNU license. Isn't as pretty, but has more options than Trillian basic. Work-in-progress.)
File Compression: 7-Zip -> has its own (really good) compression and also reads standard types such as zip, rar, etc.
Media player: iTunes -> Hey, it's free and I like how it organizes my music. Haven't found better yet.
Remote Desktop: LogMeIn -> useful for us mobile technicians!*

If anyone has a good suggestion for a replacement to Quickbooks (using 2006 atm), that would be awesome. I heard GNUCash is good, but not polished enough. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Ideally, it would have a database import so I don't have to rebuild my client lists and past invoice data. (Am I just asking too much?)

*Regarding the LogMeIn pop, the actual software is free for basic service and can be accessed through the website. I use their Ignition utility (cheap, but not free -> the only utility listed here that's not) to install the software on their systems (with their permission, of course) and access my own at home for invoicing while on-site (meaning no paying Intuit $20+/mo for online invoicing when I can do it legally free). Ignition installed on my main system let me keep an eye on all the clients' computers to make sure they are staying online (I don't access without their go-ahead first, of course.) I just find Ignition to be INSANELY useful when I'm on a job. It installs to a USB drive!

1. Ccleaner: clears out all temp files before they have a chance to launch a virus where most viruses hide, run after every Internet session.


2. ewido was bought out by AVG and is now AVG antispiware get free version at grisoft.com

3. AVG antivirus free version get at grisoft.com

4. Zone Alarm Firewall free version (disable Windows firewall when using Zone Alarm)

5. Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer IMO

6. Belarc Advisor free: Shows you all hardware and software on your pc, including key codes.


Always defrag in "Safe Mode". When booting up hit F8 or Ctrl to get into Safe Mode then go to defrag. Your pc will defrag faster. More important it will defrag properly, because you do not have files in use like in "Normal" mode, consequently not defragmenting properly.

Always defrag in "Safe Mode". When booting up hit F8 or Ctrl to get into Safe Mode then go to defrag. Your pc will defrag faster. More important it will defrag properly, because you do not have files in use like in "Normal" mode, consequently not defragmenting properly.

You're exactly right. Although I don't always do that, it really is the only way to get a full defrag from within Windows. Defrag can't move file fragments of files being used, so Safe Mode makes perfect sense.

or even better, boot into safe mode with command prompt, and type 'defrag c:\ -f -v'

Well, any "Safe Mode" mode would work, but you're right, the command prompt mode would be best since it uses the fewest resources and files. Unfortunately, not all of us are old enough to feel comfortable with DOS-like functionality. Personally, I miss those days. Ah, well.

Good call, though. :)

safe mode would be better

Unfortunately, not all of us are old enough to feel comfortable with DOS-like functionality.

I myself am only 22!

I myself am only 22!

29 here, but perhaps I should have said "geek enough"... :p


"Spybot - Search and Destroy" is a nice little Spyware & Malware hunter :)
I would recommend it over ad-aware to be honest, ad-awares scan took way longer than spybots scanner, and spybots version found something!,while ad-aware found nothing.

yeah i like spybot

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