Am I the only one here who uses Avast! antivirus? I find it a pretty good AV package (better than AVG actually) and is ultra light on resources. Plus, the Home Edition is free, and supports Windows XP x64 Edition. It also comes with Script Blocking, Internet Mail Shield, Web Shield, IM Shield, Network Shield, P2P Shield. Adequate protection.

I have never tried yet the AVG. I'm still using the old Norton Anti Virus 7 no license renewal :) low resources too + windows defender my antispyware. works for me.

Hello, All! I'm new to this site and will create a new thread about myself soon :)

Anyhow, these are the software titles that I like to have:

Quicktime Alternative
(no need to purchase Quicktime Pro...this program will allow you to play ALL quicktime files in WMP AND it will prompt you if you want to save a trailer to your desktop. You can also view your movie in FULL screen...oh, yeah, it'll play the new HD trailers as well)

Real Alternative
(don't like all the stuff that Real Media Player has? Real Alternative will play all Real media in WMP)

Avg Free, Zonealarm And Windows Defender

A couple I can think of right now are...

Registry Trash Keys Finder Deletes them hidden registry keys enabling trialware/shareware. Basically allows you to use a program as long as you want in most cases.

Firefox *sings Its simple the best... better than all the rest, da da da... and gets you places faster than a Ford.

Blacklight Good & free rootkit scanner

SysInternals All of their utilitys rock. Have a look if you haven't.

Nmap One of the best network/auditing scanners around. Allows raw sockets in xp sp2 as well as many many many other awesome features.

AnyDVD A dvd copy protection removal tool that remove all forms of protection as soon as a disc is inserted. It has worked where many have failed.

who was it that was asking about Nlite? is the other software you meantion BartPE?

Thankyou all for sharing this links. It might be a great help for us.

Here's my list:

Kaspersky Antivirus

AdAware SE



Media player
Power DVD


All in one suite
System mechanic

Antivirus : Norton
Browser : Mozilla
Downloader : Download Accelerator
Media player : Power DVD (for DVD)
Light Alloy
Compression : WinRAR
so i also use Dr WEb(or Watson),True Image(back up),
Ladies and Gents enjoy poker(redstarpoker)
thanks :)

Opera is a popular web browser with tabbed browsing, pop up blocking, fast forward, password manager, mouse gestures etc.

Opera 9 Final is available for download:

Finally the final version of Windows Live messenger is out.. with loads of stuff .. they say they'll soon be adding features that people can communicate with their yahoo contacts .. You can download the messenger here:

Seaking of Live products, Windows Live Mail sucks big time.

I think skype is an excellent softwareto get downloaded

My recommendation for Registry is Reg Supreme.
Reg cleaner has been named before but you can mess up some of the programs on your PC with it...if you use Reg Supreme it only identifies programs that have been out of use for a long time or completely un-installed.....

I hope that helps out!!!!! -- Comodo sell SSL certificates and provide a free firewall, antivirus, backup manager, password manager, email antispam and site-verification engine.

All these programs are constantly under constructions and updates are very often, especially on the firewall.

The Comodo Personal Firewall is the only firewall that I used and managed to succeed in 100% of the tests I did on it (portscans, stealth tests, exploit tests and leak tests). New release tomorrow, another new release is supposed to be released in less than 3 weeks, etc.

Avira Antivir Personal Edition Classic (Another free antivirus software)

This is the leading free (for non-commercial, personal use) antivirus software in Europe. It's well-behaved (doesn't clutter up your registry, doesn't nag you) and easy to use. Concerning virus detection rates, it's always on top of the list compared to other free and payware programs. Unlike other free versions of an antivirus product, this one is not (noteworthy) crippled and it gets the same daily updated virus definition tables as the payware version. A must-have.
I wonder why it seems to be so unknown on the other side of the pond? NOD32 and Antivir are probably the most preferred dream team over here and you are well protected if you use Antivir alone. (I do.)

Get it here:

A Very Good Benchmarking software that tells about all the hardwares and drivers used by the system

My list:

Trillian from Cerulean Studios

Firefox from Mozilla
(Good old IE isn't bad)

Personal Firewall from Zonealarm

Antivirus from Norton(preferably 2006)
Spyware Nuker XT

Registry Cleaner

There are more yet to come(and that's a good thing lol)


Avira Antivir Personal Edition Classic (Another free antivirus software)

This is the leading free (for non-commercial, personal use) antivirus software in Europe.
Get it here:

This - above all else is the single best, most important free A/V there is for antivirus protection outside of KAV (paid) or NOD32 (paid). Far better than Bit Defender 8 Free, Avast, and AVG for detection rates.

I use AVG, Zone alarm, Spybot S&D all at my favourite price, free.

I also use a great free graphics program thats nearly as powerful as Photoshop, especially if you add the free plugins, its also easier to use, my nine year old daughter loves it. You will need the .NET package installed though (free).

PDF's, make free ones using Primo PDF from

And of course don't forget the free MS Office compatible at


I would say BitComet. It's free, fun and fantastic.

Finale Notepad together with Noteworthy Player is a perfect match if you want to create sheet music. Here is how I do it. Download a midi file from the internet and play it using Noteworthy Player. All scores will be shown just like that. Use the Notepad to rearrange it as you want. And again, they're free.

Google's PICASA
Wonderful free program mirrors all your pics (even shows Photoshop stuff as yet un flattened) ... wonderful for emailing pics...and finding where you put things. Can't recommend it enough for people with lots of visual stuff. Does NOT interfere with any of your current arrangements. Simply copies stuff into an easy to view situation. Just TRY IT! Julia


A few years ago I'd always thought that anything that was free was rubbish until I found sites like these!

Solve all video display problems:) :lol: :lol:

Virtual CD/DVD Rom Emulator:) :) :)

Torrent file retrieval:) :lol: :lol:

Run your own ftp server:) :lol: :lol:

DSL Modem Tool:) :lol: :lol:

Desktop Keeper (just in case it gets messed up - you can restore in a single click)Not free but worth it.

if you want to mount disc images theres a microsoft tool for it - good for ounting images that VPC wont do e.g dual layer dvds - also useful for things e.g where MS give you a trial of Visual Studio in .IMG

thanks for the stuff. they are useful..more power!!!

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