I’m looking for a software solution to control client’s PC’s remotely over the Internet in order to run antispyware/adware, antivirus, as well as any other maintenance type programs. I have been using RealVNC and UltraVNC, however I must interfere with the client’s use of the computer. Does anyone know of a solution in which I could remotely control the PC, but run these types of maintenance programs in the background without disrupting the client?




If it is a server, you may consider running Remote Desktop. Even though RDP is available on XP, it will force the local user to logoff when connected in that mode.

You might want to re-think your strategy on this though... by creating a hole in the firewall, and enabling software to do this, you are exposing that machine to attack from other people. Sure, you could write it to filter to your IP address, but what happens if it is spoofed, or if you are on a DHCP client yourself, and your IP moves around?

You could consider having a cronjob in windows fire off the tools automatically, but that could interfere with your client's day, as it would impact performance.

There are limits as to what you can do with Windows, and the GUI.



It's not a server. I am fully aware of the risks associated with open ports.

Many of these programs have multiple manual steps, not just open and run types. I.E. spybot & adaware. Furthermore, I'm looking for a program, which will allow me to remotely connect and run maintenance programs in the background without disrupting the user, not log them off.