This is my first post here so please bear with me.

I have a two fold problem. The first is that my computer freezes up, I have to shut it off manually with the button (as I can't move the mouse) and once it reboots I have the Restore Active Desktop prompt on my desktop. I'll click the Restore Active Desktop bar and everything's back to normal...until the next time and it happens every 15 minutes it seems. This happens 90% of the time when I'm clicking on a link when on the web or on a link in my email. Any way to fix this?

I also am unable to delete or even move any emails from my Outlook Express. I've had to make a new folder which I've named Junk and drag the emails into it and then delete. Any ideas here? I use Express because I'm used to it and so far have had no problems.

Thanks for reading and hopefully for helping.


Ray Bayer

To get rid of that active desktop recovery thing disable your Active Desktop. You really don't need it. Go to Display Properties, Desktop, Customize Desktop, Web and uncheck all the items in that list and then apply all settings.

I've seen Outlook Express not being able to delete files because the temp folder is too full. Go to Start, Run and execute cmd or command.

Type the command:rd /Q/S %temp% to delete the Temp folder with all its contents really fast. Then type md %temp% to recreate an empty temp directory.

Lets see if that makes things better.