ok, this was about 6 weeks ago, and i had 2 deal without flash for that long, and i cant take anymore. at first i was ok with it cuz i had my laptop and flash worked there, but then my laptop started freezing up on me. i dont mean for a few seconds, i mean actually freezing and it wont do anything so i hav to just leave it there till the frickin battery runs out (i need help for that too) :confused:

anyway, java applications wont work either, flash animations just come up white and have red crosses in the corner. when i re-try to downlowad the plug-in IT WONT WORK i try to download something else BUT IT WONT WORK. so my stupid computer suddenly forgot how to download stuff, great. i hav a suspician it might be a virus, i hav zonealarm and i am really worried that i hav clicked "accept" on a programe of sum sort that i hav not meant. see i am a techno twat and i cant tell the difference between a harmless little programme and a computer software set to destroy my computer so PLEASE attempt to help me!! :sad: thankyou!!!!

try this download ewido anti spyware and also try and get hold of some decent anti virus software run hijack this and post the log in here, zone alarm is good but only if you know what your pressing yes to each time.