Basically i was cleaning house and tweaking settings. I was in the windows user profiles section of the control pannel and noticed 2 profiles. Mine and a backup of mine. Well since i was cleaning house and it was 450 megs, i deleated my backup. Well, it turned out that it wasnt just a backup, but the whole profile??? I've lost everything profile related (my docs, programs installed under that profile are fudged up etc.)

I did a system restore to a day prior, but it didnt fix it. I do have all my music and videos and storage on other hard drives/partitions so that is not the big deal, but i had just got all my pictures back from friends and family and i have a few big excel spread sheets that will be a royal pain to redo. Is there any way i can undo this proceedure and get my profile back? Also, my documents has no folders in it at all either.

And yes, i uninstalled winbackup last week too :sad: so im outa luck there.

What really shocks me is there was no warning to deleating the main account?!?!

Have you checked c:\documents and settings - have a look for any folders with previous usernames, and seach them for any of you missing documents. It shouldn't have been able to delete your folders whilst logged in, that should have bought up a sharing violation

c:\documents and settings is empty and i have done windows searches. I was the only account on the computer and at of lots of hard drive churn (from file deletion), it said that the profile was in use so it could not finish. I restarted and my username was still there to log in and it is still a valid user account, i just have no settings configured and no my documents. I'm not sure how outlook works, (i thought it was profile specific) but my .pst files remained there, i just had to reenter my password when i opened it for pop access.

I have a feeling this will be unsolveable, but its still worth a shot to leave it up here and see if anyone went through this before and has a solution.