I have an hp g6, with windows 7 home basic edition pre-installed.
it has 2 partitions( Local Disk C: & Recovery D:) in my computer

however in disk management i see c:\ recovery D: hp tools and system
i wanted to partition the drive C: , so i opened computer management and then disk management and i used the option "shrink" to shrink drive C: to get the maximum unallocated space and then i right-clicked the new unallocated space and then clicked "new simple volume" and i went along with the process until i reached the final step of partitioning and click "finish" then i get this message: "The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to dynamic disk(s). if you convert the disk(s) to dynamic, you will not be able to start installed operating systems from any volume on the disk(s) (except the current boot volume). Are you sure you want to continue?"
when i click "yes" this message appears: "Dynamic disks are not supported by this operating system or server configuration. Dynamic disks are not supported on clusters."
when i try to create the "new simple volume" again i get the same messages.
so now the (C:) is shrinked but i can't create the new partition(new simple volume).
please help me if you can & as soon as you can.
pls reply as quick as possible.
Thanks a lot.

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You have just learned lesson 1 in the sysadmin's handbook - before changing physical system disc configuration, make a FULL external bit-image backup of the drive FIRST! I think you are going to need to run the system recovery tool (boot from recovery partition), effectively reinstalling the operating system. However, FIRST backup any critical personal data.

My only question is, is WHY did you want to do this? If you aren't going to install Linux or some other operating systme (dual boot is the term), then this was pretty much unnecessary. Depending upon your needs, there are other means to accomplish your wishes (probably).

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