hello, i am currently facing a problem with my windows 7 pro, when i click on one specific lan computer under the "network" treelist in the left pane, i get a formerly shared folder on that computer which appears, while it is no longer shared and the currently shared ones are not in the list. i think my computer has kept this specific shared folder in some cache. if for example i manually enter one of the currently shared folders in the address bar, e.g. "\\computer1\folder1", then it ask for a password to login, and once i entered it, then i get all the correct folders shown in my explorer, and the folder first shown is no longer present.

anyone knows how i can remove this unwanted shared folder from showing on my computer? i tried opening the same computer from the network treelist on another computer on the same lan, but it did not get the buggy folder which am having...

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You can use this for Microsofts instructions on setting the folder cache.

The example is for Windows Server 2008, which I'm sure you can do the same for Windows 7.

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