Have an ACER 1360 notebook. Needed to restore to original state as Ive sold it. Went into setup, set to boot from cd rom. system disk booted up fine asked for recovery disk, put it in, started to work fine, erasing the drive and restoring partition. Took my eyes off the computer turned back and it had cut out or something. Restarted but wouldnt boot from system disk or recovery, when I enter setup it freezes, the setup screen freezes! what do I do. I'm a relative novice with computers. Its already started to wipe the drive so cannot go any further than a blank screen with the flashing dash in the top left hand corner. Any experienced guys know whats going on and how to get it back on track.

Cheers guys

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Well, I'm not exactly an expert, but I have some experience. I would recommend removing all excess hardware you have connected to the computer: flash drives, backup drives, printers, (keep: mouses, modems, surge protecters) and speakers if you have them. If it's a laptop you don't need to worry about the speakers and mouse.

Then try again. It'll probably do the same thing. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, if it doesn't work, pull out the battery if it's a laptop, or unplug it if it's a desktop. Then leave it alone. Leave the main power cord unplugged, and don't try to boot it.

If you wait a day or so, you can boot it up again. When you do, seleect Safe Mode. This will make it wacked, but it'll probably boot... let me know if it doesn't.



Cheers for the reply. Its a laptop and hasnt got anything plugged into it. The thing is it wont start in safe mode as its already formatted about half of the drive. Its permanently set to boot from cd rom now as the enter setup screen freezes before I can change it to boot from drive which would be irrelevent as it has already formatted about 40% of the drive taking with it any start up files if you see what I mean which makes it a tricky situation lol. Again thanks for the quick reply.


im just curious... what made you contact DaniWeb and not Dell Technical Support? They're not as friendly, I admit(lol), but they could help, and they specialize with their own brand.


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