Hi when I start up my pc my start up screen (Windws XP) is normal but as soon as it changes over to users or desktop display everything flips on its side, that is the background picture, my icons and my taskbar. Dragging the taskbar doesn't help and everything including my Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and mouse indicator is lying on its side. Turning my monitor on its side helps but that is not a solution.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before if so please assist.



Welcome to this forum TishT,
this is the community introduction forum, this forum is there to tell something about yourself to get into the community easier.

The proper forum for this is: Tech Talk -> Microsoft Windows (at least, I assume you use windows)

About you problem, I think it's with you driver, check in the right bottom of the screen (now left bottom :P) for an icon of you graphic card supply-er. Right click it and look in the menu's for something like turning 0% or 0 degree. If that doesn't solve it try making an thread in the propper forum, I'm sure you will get an quick reply.

They always used to do this at my old school :) , good times, good times...

Try Reinstalling your VIdio card the default will probally fix the problem by reseting your drivers

Hi there

Thanks for the advice I managed to fix it last night, just be selecting ALT + CTRL + Up key and hey presto it was fixed.

Thanks, yup a cool way to freak people out.