I Know i post alot about problems but most of my problems are curred now. but know i have a new problem.

Here goes- I reinstalled windows xp professional but it wont let me connect to my local area connection (my clearwire(broadband)).
Ive tried to set it up manually but i still cant figure out how to get it going, and i know it should automatically detect, but dosent. It doesnt even show that im not connected. CRAP!:eek: :-|

Actually its a really simple problem to fix. a new installation of windows means that it doesnt have any drivers and that includes your ethernet controller drivers. So if you have a disk for you motherboard then it should have it all on their. or if you bought you computer from one of the the big companies then use your system restore disk which will have all the drivers on there. otherwise check what sort of motherboard/computer that you have and download the drivers off the internet.

Actually i dont have any software at all that came with the computer, and the cd i used to reinstall winxp pro was a clone version.

You think a windows update would work, cuz i dont have any udates at all.

if so how could i install them if i cant even use my computer with the internet.

windows updates won't help fix that problem what you need is an all in one driver for you particular mobo. I am not exactly sure how you might get this if you dont have access to the internet but you could always try emailing/calling the support line and seeing if they have any copies of the drivers that they can send you or if they have another way to get them on there. another option is installing a network card and using that just long enough to let windows search and install for the drivers over the internet. Let me know if this is what you decide to do and i will then walk you through the process.