First off hello to everyone! I can't wait to get some friendly help as I have been racking my brain to figure this one out.

Out of the blue, one day I tried to copy and paste something with ctrl+c and ctrl+v and nothing happened. I have since then figured out that ctrl+c does not work in ANY program yet all other ctrl+* combinations function perfectly. Right click "copy" works and the keyboard is fine.

Not sure where to start on this one so I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction. I have my computer gui modded with window blinds and iconpackager and I have tweakui as well. I also have all the virus, spyware, adware programs and a hardware firewall, and also hijackthis, so I am 99% sure my comp is clean.

If someone could point me on the right direction I would surely appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


Get some text up, or something to copy, select a piece and do ctrl C. Then go Start > RUN, type in clpbrd, ENTER.
A new window will open, the clipboard window. What you selected and copied should be in there.... is it? Come back and say....

thanks for the reply. unfortunately there is nothing there. to test ctrl+c in many different programs, I have a shorcut to the clipboard on my desktop. I just tried again and there was only the text there from when I right-clicked copy the last time.

try using the right click to select copy, then use "CTRL+V" to paste it. If this doesn't work then you may have a faulty CTRL key (try the second ctrl key)

right click copy works fine. and I know I don't have a faulty control key because every other control function works properly. only the ctrl+c function does not work on either control key. stumped.

...then i do not know. maybe your keyboard.drv file broke a bit. Check that it has not been changed accidentally, maybe download a new one for your particular keyboard. Reset it, anyway... reload it from the list that will be there. Tell us what u find, pls...

CTRL+C doesn't work. The solution I've found is typically pressing the CTRL key + the windows logo key, or CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE, various combinations of this will re-enable your CTRL+C or CTRL+V abilities. I have no clue what brain child decided to disable them with a keyboard short cut, but thank Microsoft.

Have you set ctrl-C to be a hot key for some other program? That could disable its normal function.

Have you used some program to disable part of another program? That could also use a trick that disables certain keys.