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Good Morning,
I am confined to a wheelchair and only have partial use of left hand and arm making it extremely slow and difficult to type. I am wanting to reassign the function keys(which I never use)to output the same phrase again and again. Kind of like office clipboard with no need to copy each time. Is this possible, and if so, how would I do it ? Curt Bridges

PS: By Wolfpack
User OS: Windows XP.

curtis, that is a good question. To my knowledge it is not possible to reassign the F1 - F12 keys because they are OS assigned, plus some applications set their own assignments for them when they are running. So either the OS has control of them, or the program may control them when one is running. But depending upon the particular keyboard you have the F keys will have auxiliary commands assigned, probably by default [you would access the Fn keys by toggling a F-lock key]. And i know those functions are assignable - you can set them to run apps, or open files. You need someone like Comatose [a poster in here] to write you little batch or script files that the windows scripting host can run to directly insert your texts into whatever you are writing. Best of luck.