I have tried every thing to take the Active desktop recovery off my laptop and nothing works. What i mean by nothing works, is when i try to right click nothing comes up. when i go to start and try to run regredit not happens, and so on and so. So basicly if i try to do any of the solutions, it will not let me. PLEASE HELP.


desktop.htt pretty much controls the size and position of your desktop and the wallpaper you have on it, plus it includes a little activeX control to allow you to reshape it..... IE7 is a little bit incompatible with the old profile you may have had already.
Since this file is automatically generated by windows, the best fix is to delete the old one[s] and let windows create a new one. To do this open an explorer window and go to tools > folder options > view, and uncheck hide protected opsys files. Apply and ok. Then do a search in your sys drive [usually c: ] for desktop.htt. It will be in Docs and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer.
Delete them [it, whatever...]. Close the explorer window, rclick your desktop and click Refresh, and then go back and RECHECK that box. you really don't want those special files exposed all the time!!

I'm having trouble locating the desktop.htt files after making the opsys visible.....

hey ..............
i'm unable 2 find tat desktop.htt file in ur given path

1- Go to Run and type regedit
2- Now navigate to this path – HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\SafeMode\Components
2- You would find a key named DeskHtmlVersion
3- Right click the key and select Modify
3- Under the label Base, select the radio button Decimal
4- Change Value data to 0
5- Click OK
6- Refresh Desktop.

I tried Gerbil's fix with no luck. The system returned "cannot delete Desktop. It is being used by another person pr program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again."

What should i do? Please Help.



run regedit

Go to "H KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\SafeMode\Components

Select "DeskHtmlVersion"
Double click and Set the value to '0'
log off and log in again
This wil solve the problem

If Your files would not be deleted from your computer, and restart your computer
then press F8 and then enter into safe mode , then delete them.

hey friends
there is no files with the name desktop.htt in the path u specified earlier. still the problem persists. what to do friends.

Thanks Davee. It worked for me.

install IE 7,it will helpful to you

This is not a momentary fix but a permanent one. Click on start then click on run copy and paste this in including the quotes "%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" Then click ok problem permanently solved. IE just needs a total reset.

C an any one provide ant batch file or VB script for removing the active desktop script in wondows XP

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