I need to know the location of the CDrom Driver's.
The Symantec remove product tool, Has Removed them.

What model of Cd-rom are ya using?

And also, what type of computer are you using?

1. Sony CRX230ED
2. Sony DVD RW DRU-530A

it has also Removed my Emu drive From Alc120%
1.5 Gig's of DDR400
AMD XP 2800+

Well they usually sit in;

With regards to having a specific driver for your cd drive, I though windows didn't need them.

i dont think it did, But when it comes up. It says installing New hardware, Calls it a CDrom. And then Fails to Install the drives.
Ive made Crapload's of changes to the Driverfile and Kept the Original.
But with no Luck. somthings Still missing