One day came in and one of the computers on a peer-to-peer network suddenly wasn't seeing the lan. However, when I intentionally gave the computer the same ip address as another computer on the lan it returned an error message saying there was an IP conflict. Can't ping (time out) or telnet (can't find address). I've checked the network numbers a hundred times and I'm sure they're correct. I've even moved the computer to a new location and used a connection that is working for another computer.

Here's what I did so far:

Machine: Velocity Micro, 2.4 GHZ, windows xp home

1) Turned off all firewalls (windows & symantec). no good

2) Restarted computer is "Safe Mode with Networking" -- same problem.

3) Used System Restore to earliest possible date --no good

4)Got frustrated then wiped hard disk and re-installed software from manufacturer supplied disks.

4)Thought it might be a hardware problem even though the device manager says the network adapter is working. So, I disabled onboard adapter and installed a NIC. Same problem persists.



1. Bad patch cable. Try a different patch cable.

2. Bad port on switch/hub/router. Try a different port.

Additional information needed to help any further:
When you say it doesn't see your network, do you mean it's not seeing the other computers in your network?

Because if you cannot see other computers on your network but can still access the Internet, then the problem may not be hardware related at all, or even neccessarily a problem with that computer. My wife reset the Windows Firewall once on her computer and I spent hours troubleshooting mine because it would not print. The printer is shared off her computer. Once she mentioned what she had done, I went into the firewall options and reenabled print sharing through the firewall.