I have a win 2000 client running in a 2003 environment and it just up and randomly has decided that it is going to loose connection to EVERYTHING, however, It is at a different location and i can remote into it so it's obviously physically connected, my dhcp server provides it an address, and all the DNS's are pingable.

It gets all it's network drive paths on login and can connect to anywhere inside the network...
I can ping anything internal or external...
IE will not open any website internal or external...
and my propritary program has gotten a socket error...

As a user logged into the network it has this issue.
Logged in as a locally it has this issue.
If i actually disjoin(instead of just logging in locally) i can connect to w/e i'd like.

anyone have an idea of what to start looking at to resolve this?
I've run AdAware and AVG and neither have found anything to resolve this.

hmm, how are you connecting to the net, via a proxy server if so make sure the address is set correctly.

I.e go to tools> internet options >connections tab and then the LAN button (in internet explorer)

Also what happens if you install another browser, such as firefox?

don't have a proxy, wish it were that easy. and the setting for that is disabled in any case.

haven't tried another browser. The concerning thing is that my proprietary app is running into a socket error too that doesn't get an issue when it's disjoined. i will try firefox next.

Can anyone think of a difference between logging in locally and actually disjoining from the domain?

I can't see how these 2 are different at all but they make all the difference.

What do you mean by disjoining from the domain?
What is the socket error.

i appreciate your help but i finally got it resolved...

by disjoining i meen making it part of workgroup instead of the domain.

it was resolved by reinstalling the .net framework stuff for window's.

i honestly don't know why this was the resolution but it worked and sometimes it's better not to ask questions :D

thankyou very much for your help

i honestly don't know why this was the resolution but it worked and sometimes it's better not to ask questions

I know what you mean.

How the dot net framework would affect Internet explorer I wouldn't know. Oh well.