I'm trying to make an mp3 cd using nero 6. I have a playlist of my favorite mp3s in the order i want them to be in. However, when I import them in to Nero, using the mp3 disc feature in nero 6, they are sorted in alphabetical order. There has to be a way to put my mp3s in the order that i want, but i cant find how. I could use a little help. Also, Im not only willing to only use nero 6, if you know some other way please tell. Thanks.

There probably isn't a way to do it.

When you make an mp3 CD, all you're doing is making a data disc with the mp3 files on it. As far as Nero is concerned, you could be putting Microsoft Word files on the CD. When you're putting files on there, it's generally put in alphabetical order, and it will display in whatever manner you've set Windows to display the files.

The only thing I could think of is to not only save your MP3 files to CD, but the playlist you've created as well. Then, you could open the playlist instead of the MP3 files, and they should be in the order you've specified.

nope thats what i did I put in the playlist, and it just put in all of the songs that were on the playlist one by one in alphabetical order

yeah, but I'm not neccesarily talking about using Nero's feature to make something called an "MP3 CD"-- you could do this with any old CD-burning tool.

What I'm suggesting is actually including a copy of the playlist on the CD. There's probably not a way to order the files themselves on the disc-- they're put on in alphabetical order, because that's probably a feature of the ISO filesystem used on CDs. But, if you include the playlist along with the MP3s on the CD, you could open up the playlist, and have the files play in the order you want them to.

My method wouldn't involve using Nero's apparent ability to create an "MP3 CD"-- you could just create a regular data CD project, copy the MP3s that you wanted over to the disc, and then copy the playlist onto the disc as well. Basically, that's all Nero's doing anyways; the difference is that it has the ability to parse a playlist to determine which files you want on the CD.

well i guess its worth a try. The question is will the mp3 cd player know what to do with the playlist file? I'll have to find out.

well i guess its worth a try. The question is will the mp3 cd player know what to do with the playlist file? I'll have to find out.

Not likely !

well i guess its worth a try. The question is will the mp3 cd player know what to do with the playlist file? I'll have to find out.

Nope, an MP3 CD player won't read the playlist.

It's just an issue with how the files are put on the disc. An MP3 CD isn't like an audio CD, where you can write tracks. You instead just dump the files on the disc, and that's it-- they're there! You can't really tell an order to put it on there-- the best you can do is put sets of files in folders, and then play those sets of files in the order you'd like to hear them in. That's about the best thing I could suggest to you.

You could number the tracks with leading zeros, but that would be too much of a pain.

And yes, it's a limitation of the filesystem (CDFS ?).

Okay, granted I shouldn't even be allowed to use a computer because I have no idea what I'm doing half the time...but...that's never stopped me before, so my problem is this: I'm trying to make a CD that will hold around 100 mp3's vs. the 16-18 I'm able to fit on a disc now. I've had a friend give me instructions about dragging the mp3's on to the disc using 'my computer' but it's telling me to put a CD-R or CD-RW into the drive (while I already have a CD-R in there). I also tried it using 'Nero' and making a 'data disc' which seemed like it was going to work until once again, it refused to acknowledge the disc in the drive...the 'burn' option just remained grayed-out. Yes the disc in the drive is blank and ready to roll, no I have no idea what the hell I'm doing, and if anyone out there has any idea what I'm talking about & can help I would very much appreciate it. Just keep in mind that I'm an idiot, so no big words.