Ok, here's an interesting one. I have the HP pavilion DV6095EA laptop/notebook and for some reason it has decided to start coming to life (often in the middle of the night) nothing is displayed on the screen at all, but all the lights come on and it beeps.


I think the first beep is longer than the second two but im not sure, perhaps i'll find out if it happens again but I have taken to removing the battery :)

To stop it I have to remove the battery, nothing else works...but at least once once its stopped it boots fine as if nothing is wrong...any idea anyone?

Cheers, Craig

PS: You may have seen my other post about my PC that is playing up as well: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/post261264.html#post261264

They are both playing silly beggers at the moment...HELP!

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Seem to have solved this one by updating the BIOS, so hopefully thats that issue resolved, still an odd problem in the first place though.

Cheers, Craig

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