Greetings Everyone,
About couple weeks ago, I had this problem with my pc: It was some sort of virus(I think) that encroached my computer and almost destroy my drive. The only choice I had was to format the disk and reinstall Win XP. It worked and went successfully all the way to completion. Tho I lost some of my data and files. And also a new problem appears 2-3 days after the XP installation. It is wierd, it had never happened before. The computer still runs when I click the Start button but after I click the shut down button, the arrow turns to the loading thing and the screen or the computer freezes tho the screen doesn't turn black, it just freezes. I gave it 5 mins but still no response then the only option I had was to press the Ctrl Alt Delete button, there is an option on the top of the task manager which allows me to click turn off/stand by/etc.. from that time on, I have to do the same process, open task manager and turn off, there is also another problem, after I press the shut down button from task manager, the computers runs normally, tho when it runs along to the windows shutting down screen, i have to wait at least 3-5 mins for it to shut down. It really annoys me. any help will be appreciated.
sorry for the bad written English.

my comp info:
Dimension 4550 (4 years)
Window XP home edition SP2
1GB Ram
60GB disk space.
I m not at home so i can't remember the exact details.

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I think 1st try to restore your system to the last best working system date, and if this not solve your problem then just reinstall your window.

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