still not sure i m posting at right place.

but my cp usage peaks on many (2-3) prosses each time i open or move or click, even hover sometimes, on anything!?

i know there's a lot of possibility out there so i ll just shoot with what i ve got!

newly install windows xp2002 with sp1 - celeron 2.73 - ram 1gb - nivida geforce 6200 - asus motherboard 1 year old p5v***sth,sth,sth -80gb (C:20gb P:55gb S:1gb(swap partition with page file)) + 300gb sata hd

all my program on P:, except windows basic,
only have the latest :photoshop-flash-dreamweaver-cool edit-3d max-vlc-agv installed...
and!!! realplayer to play .rmvb files (i suspect this not to hellp)

so with all this installed i have the problem .....

where should i start ??

hardware compatibility?capability?
software ??
drivers? ...i got this from ::http://driveragent.com ::
is that very bad?

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Could you list the processes which use up the CPU time?

well that's my problem i can't really pinpoint my bad prosses as it happen when i click on stuff or use any programs......

i forgot to say that i have emule (which i need/maybe there a tweek there but never read anything else then killing it, not what i m loking for if you know what i mean!)

again at any givin time (when i use browser, or click on sth or use a program)

taskmgr.exe (around 2-15%)
firefox.exe (around 15-40%)
System (around 15-40%)
emule (around 15-30%)
any of those will stay low untill i do sth then use all the % they can, together!?@?!?

real player (will go to the max%) also VLC now(which wasn't a prob before)!!?
((i ve read somewhere that i could change the regkey or sth to stop my pc from reading or looping .avi files )) maybe that's a bug for the video but when i don't use video the above program still peaks!!!!

see what i mean hard to know where to start!!!


windows is in c:, right? And you have window's page file as volume s: on same disk. There is absolutely no point in doing that. The idea is to put the page file on another DISK, not just another VOLUME: while the drive heads are accessing your page file, they are not accessing other gear, so if you are going to have sys vol and page file on same disk, well, it may as well be in c:.
Do you have any page file in c: ? To get page file access fast you could have one in c: and one in p: - that way the paging area on disk is physically close to the processes which are using it... ; having it in s: only means that it is physically remote. Your page files should be 1.5GB.
Now, is your sys optimised for programs and not system cache? Go CP >system>advanced > performance settings >advanced.[whew!] -set both proc scheduling and mem usage for programs.
If that doesn't work, then i'm out.


Ok, that was really poorly written. What i meant, but barely? got across, is that you should put your pagefile on the non-sys HD. But if you are going to put it on the sys HD, then put it in c: or p:.


Ok, that was really poorly written. What i meant, but barely? got across, is that you should put your pagefile on the non-sys HD. But if you are going to put it on the sys HD, then put it in c: or p:.

not at all very simple explaination you gave me there but as this problem wasn't a direct result of my S:partition, i changed it back like you said but there is no dif at all,,, so still looking for sth else!!!

**now on that issues(C: and S: page files(maybe it's more on your level))
my friend told be do the s: partition and all will be better!!! so i did!! but i never notice anydif (hence my reason to look for sth else!) now you are telling me ,if i understood!~ is that same HD same pagefiles so to actually gain from that i should use my 300gb HD for page files!

I guess that by having a dif pagefiles on, would be to uptimize my system!!! if i put it back to default(c: pagefiles 1500\700) i should be all right but no the problem is still there!!,,,,,,, I kinda gave up long ago on HD that are wierd with some partition!!! I m in china so problem usually means bad HARDware mix!!! when i say wierd i mean wierd.....i have a HD that when XP installed on makes some programs work dif that on my other HDs?@!?#??@!?#(i thought it wasn't poss!?#?@!#)if HD and partition are not the problem....i should be able to fix that!!! i have 2pc 3HD (2 are brand new!! old:seagate80gb, newseagate300sata, new160gig samsungIDE)(now old and 300gb on same pc , asus motherboard and celeron 2.7 with 1gb ram, geforce6200) (now 2nd PC2....old as shit no problem so far(actually faster than my other PC1) old geforce, and celeron 1.8 with the 160gbHD, 256 ram)

anyone sees a missmatch here!?!?? or any other ideas?? thanks though!!


The only reason i can think of for having a separate page file partition on your sys drive is to make defragging that page file partition unnecessary. Cos windows defrag cannot do it. If the page file is in C: and you have a lot of temp files in there also [OE, internet, cookies.... temp...] [windows writes itself all over the plot too as it is used, so as to make the bits used most more accessible] then the pf can get fragmented , and that will slow things down marginally. Diskeeper has a defrag that will fix it, but u pay for it. But if you put the pf into c: you can temp remove it to another partition, defrag c:, and then put the pf back into c: Takes 60 secs. :). Voila, pf is whole again! But you have a second HD, and that is where the pf should be.
This was the bad bit :- "To get page file access fast you could have one in c: and one in p:" ...what i meant was have one in c: and another in p: on ANOTHER HD. Don't put two pf on the same HD!!
"Now, is your sys optimised for programs and not system cache? Go CP >system>advanced > performance settings >advanced.[whew!] -set both proc scheduling and mem usage for programs." - did you check that also?
Apart from that, make sure your video driver is up to date.


ok i see my P: is on the same HD a C: so no point .... now it is all set to program(not cache) and i have the latest nvidia driver for geforce 6200 (93.71)

defrag should be an issue yet (tell me if i m wrong) as it's a newly install XP

I m thinking more about 2 things i ve read!
the looping issue with avi files! don't know much about it but i ve read that i could stop that by doing a minor tweak in the regkey...ever heard of that??

or driver compatibility?? i went to one of those site for driver scan...it gave me a 45% bad driver but i was wondering if these driver scan site where accurate or just trying to get money by telling us to change drivers???
the one i ve try was...:http://driveragent.com
thanks for the explaination though!


Generally, if your hardwares are performing okay then driver updates are not necessary. Ppl give themselves all sorts of problems by say, flashing BIOS - if your pc boots, what else can you expect? Will new PCI drivers deliver more? More what? Speed? About the only one to consider is the vid card, but check what the update actually delivers rather than automatically dl it.
Others may have other ideas... :)
And your manufacturers give you any new drivers freely.
avi looping? not a clue...


thanks gerbil!

MY ISSUE: my best bet right now is on this article tell me if you see sense in that....

not sure that's the prob but since i watch video at all time I kinda need to find out, should i do what they say in the article???


well, yeah, if that works i dunno why not. Just rclick propertyhandler subkey, export the key as a .reg file and save it somewhere safe., then just go ahead and delete the Value. Don't like what happens? ..then simply dclick the .reg file.
[easy way to get to that key in XP is just to search for systemfileassoc]
What happens if u go into explorer > folder options > file types and change the default player to another one that you may have instead of WMP?


wierdest thing with red rival you have to click again after you get the warning "forbiden directory...or sth" press enter on the address bar and it'll go!!

didn't try the keyreg yet!!!

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