I have a W98 Packard Bell computer (Pentium 3 with 256 RAM) and monitor. I was trying to clean up my applications (mainly games downloaded by others) using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

I have no idea whether it was the removal of a game that had somehow interfered with the display settings or whether I deleted an application that was directly connected with those settings, but I now only have the single option in the Display Properties area i.e. 16 colors and 640 by 480 pixels. As a result most of my IE applications either wont work (Opera) and others, such as Windows Media Player, are almost impossible to see properly. OE still works fine.

Any suggestions about how to restore the settings for the monitor? If I need drivers etc where can I find them online - just in case I do not have access to the CD's that may be required.

Thanks in advance for any help any one can provide.


You have most likely uninstalled the display driver for your system. Search the download section of Packard Bell's website for the appropriate device driver for your system's model number (if it is onboard video) or download and install the appropriate driver from the manufacturer's website if it is an add-in card.

If you have the original installation or recovery CDs for your system, you should find an appropriate driver on those.