please help... :cry:

When I load up my computer, it crashes...ok, that was vague, let me explain.

I boot up, and it loads but when it gets to the desktop and starts load there, the "blue" error screen and says that all my programs have crashed through a problem with KRNL386.exe.

I can boot up in safe mode (option 3), and I can even boot up using the selective startup (option 4), and disabling all but npos.vxd. But if I do either way, my internet connection is not working at all.

I do have a router that I use. There is another computer using the router and it works fine (thats where I am typing this).

There is also one other thing. It seems that as a result of this, when I can boot up, as described above, windows media player is not working at all either. In fact, when I try to run it, it gives me an MS-DOS error prompt.

The crazy thing is that this happened all over-night litterally!

Someone help me,

--Mike Mussenden

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This just started happening overnight?

It's possible to run System Restore from a command line. If you can boot into DOS, you may find these instructions useful:


It mentions a Dell system, but if you have some kind of Windows startup disk (Your Windows ME installation disc would suffice), the instructions work all the same.


well, i took it to get fixed and it still has some problems...im just going to get a new computer....thanks anyway!!!



Wait just a minute!

Don't "get a new computer" just because of an issue like this-- it's ALL software related probably, and can be fixed, maybe with an OS reinstall, perhaps. I'm not trying to talk you out of a new computer, but I can tell you that this one can definitely be fixed.

If nothing's wrong with your hardware, you've still got a perfectly good computer there. It could all be resolved by wiping out the hard drive, and reinstalling Windows on the system.

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